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February 22, 2011

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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Is it absolutely Makeityourring diamond engagement rings now?! Can you see it?! How could you possibly determine whether the diamond you are buying is worth for the cost and truly genuine?!
Below are some qualities of diamond engagement rings which may be helpful for you.

In Makeityourring diamond engagement rings there are things which you should consider. Whatever those things are of course the first thing you will check is the quality of a rings.

How clean a diamond engagement rings is reflects with its clarity. Whether if it has no blemishes or any insertions whenever it will be observe by the eye or by a magnifier.

To select a good quality when Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, you should be familiar of some terms.

The blemishes which I have mentioned earlier are flaws on the surface of a diamond. If there’s any missing piece that is what we call ‘CHIP’ and any scrape is what we can consider a ‘SCRATCH.’

Any crack found is considered as a ‘FRACTURE’. Sometimes during polishing stage there are fine lines being left which is called ‘POLISHING LINES.’ While the ‘NATURAL’ is the unpolished part.

In polishing a diamond you may encounter an ‘EXTRA FACETS’ which shouldn’t be present. These are excess polished surfaces which messes up the symmetry of a diamond.

‘BEARDING’ on the other hand are tiny fractures that can be found on the edge of a diamond.

‘INCLUSIONS/INSERTIONS’ are some imperfection which may be found inside it.

If you happen to find black spots inside the gem it is ‘CARBON’, while a white spot i s called ‘CRYSTAL’. An internal cracking is called ‘FEATHER.’ Tiny spots called ‘PINPOINT’ happened to be smaller than a crystal and a group of it is identified to as ‘CLOUD’ that gives large inclusion.

The instrument used to estimate a diamond is ‘LOUPE.’ Such instrument must be 10X magnification. The housing surrounding the lens must be black to avoid distorting the color.


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