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March 24, 2010

Anthropology museum

Festival Museum Nusantara, Anthropology museum today is one branch of anthropology that departs from classical to museologi evolved to find a lot of focus. One focus of the study the relationship between museums and communities.

The focus is no longer to the collection and display system alone, but look at the strategic role that can be played by the Festival Museum Nusantara as a social institution in the urban community or in other words the existence of a museum in the Indonesia Java International Destination community.

Specifically what is the point of concern is:
1. How does the Museum with his collection into a vehicle set of visitors to conduct orientation to the formation of cultural identity.
2. How does the Museum is seen as an active agent to form perceptions of history, including its propaganda functions.
3. How Museum attendance as a vehicle carrying ideology, and how to translate the ideology keberhasilannnya be ready to digest.
4. Matters concerning the human ability to process the experience in the memory of an event through the event visit the museum.
5. Matters concerning the new concept of historiography. History is no longer viewed as an objective chronological phenomenon, but may present as a personal experience.


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