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March 23, 2010

The Experience go to the museum

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Festival Museum Nusantara 2010, The Experience go to the museum Whether the idea of anyone else who finally led the four of us to go to the museum theater knight. museum atmosphere really good, and so minded someday have a girlfriend, want to invite streets to the Festival Museum Nusantara .. because place had okay.

There many things, from history about the proclamation, Jend. Sudirman, Jend. Suharto, Jend. Nasution .. and many things. Oh he was there we meet the same high school kids who Budi Mulya again in training for a guide. hohohoho .. Satria Museum theater in many historical objects.

sequentially first experience So Nice banget life now .. After two weeks ago went to the Planetarium, now want a story about Mandala Museum. Hmm .. probably many people who forget to visit the museum for .. But according to the the museum created a pleasant place to visit .. why? because we can easily clay history. because the museum was neat.

Went to the museum theater knight .. image road from orange garden had been made leave. since would think estimates but I think this time is wrong. Arriving at the museum theater warrior, really quiet .. the four of us the way to the museum, and it to the museum pay really cheap! a loss for the blom lo ever there .. only with Rp. 1500 can enjoy history. cheap right? second place suggest a lo visit with a girlfriend. Because the atmosphere is good.

Whether there is how the army vehicle that we’ve continued to make naekin photos. anti-air weapons that we so our soldiers taste.But the oath, the experience was interesting although not a place for recreation outside the city, but can make fun because we are active in the museum. Spot there are loads of pictures,just the four of us came home easy.

Initially go there, but when more and more into more in love with the museum. Oh yes, there’s something funny. So that fits in the area told about Jend. Ah Nasution, there’s like a place so empty glass. This madness started taken possession of try searching behind closed doors and it not closed. Have pretend play to be like a statue in the shop clothes shop so .. worse!!

Not only that, many more photos that Festival Museum Nusantara place .. photos from holding a gun, holding the flag, holding a doll, holding hell can hold, from holding tanks, fighter aircraft held earlier times. climbing tower climb. badly ..is good Experience go to the museum



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