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February 7, 2010

Talk Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net

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Several months ago I’d post the article Astaga.com lifestyle on the net only come to enliven it, but this time I want to vent about the contest and all related post. I’m sure you all know that lifestyle news portal website for astaga! Com, and I also believe that you all often see bloggers say the contest by using the link that reads Astaga.com lifestyle on the net. For some senior bloggers who do not know or bored everywhere see a comment with a link contest.

Astaga.com lifestyle on the net of blogs as a Astaga.com lifestyle on the net was resigned to fate but still trying to get up and believe that nothing is impossible in this world. as my father said, “If fear do not you dare, if you dare do not be afraid-afraid” to that Astaga.com lifestyle on the net decided to dare and throw away that fear, especially in terms of seo contest. I was ready to accept any risk behind all this, whatever happens with this blog I submit Astaga.com lifestyle on the net fully related to you in this regard, I think you all know.

Talk problems “Astaga.com lifestyle on the net” that this time I would vent a little about seo contest which is still the most crowded, most bloggers in the optimization of Indonesia.

Of things that I as a blogger who is also participating in this contest seo contest of the Astaga.com lifestyle on the net of it, because the few times I check that most bloggers, bloggers who commented with a link contest in which they commented as if not read the contents of the posting , so many comments just short words. perhaps this is what makes a blogger’s feel uncomfortable.

It was with no due respect to you all, with all humility I apologize if my time in this post offended you, there is no purpose to discredit or exclude anyone, I just wanted to vent steam in me about the contest Astaga.com lifestyle on the net.

For that, I hope for your contest participants of any kind, if indeed you need backlinks from blogs Commenting, respect the blog owner with appropriate comments on the blog topic is, give criticism or suggestions to build a blog is so not bersesan spam comments. or if you are lazy to do that, you can search for backlinks from the outside who are mostly blogger who has a lot to know about the seo contest in particular, they prefer to search for backlinks from abroad.


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